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Lower Back Pain, Breath, and Pilates

By : Bensu Balioglu

Pilates And Franklin Method Instructor

What do you think of when Pilates is mentioned? Feeling like having totally strong abs? Think again. Yes, Pilates involves strengthening the core and abdominal area, but the core in Pilates also involves the back, pelvic floor, and

even the diaphragm.

Thanks to Pilates, we can keep our back strong and flexible, as it helps strengthen the core as well as everything surrounding it. Because we, as the La Barre family, do not only focus on one muscle group in Pilates. We want to make them all strong, resilient and help them develop good relationships with each other. Pilates ensures that the whole body works simultaneously and in a balanced way. It consists of exercises that involve full body integration. The motto we follow as La Barre instructors is to bring the body to a point where it can act balanced, equal, and controlled in all planes and any directions. 

The most important point in dealing with chronic back pain is to use your breath correctly. The diaphragm is the primary respiratory muscle and, like other muscles, needs strengthening and stretching. Any weakness or tension in these muscles can affect the position of our ribcage, which pulls on the back muscles. Teaching correct breathing techniques is the basis of all classes at La Barre Studio because correct breathing techniques and chronic lower back pain are directly related to each other. If we cannot learn breathing mechanics correctly, which is the most basic activity of all of us, we cannot heal our bodies or get rid of our chronic pain outside of Pilates. 

If you want to get rid of your chronic pain or know how important an activity breathing is, do not waste any time to join the La Barre family.

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